About Phoenix Medical Group

About Phoenix Medical Group

Effective diagnosis and treatment in a caring and friendly environment

About Phoenix Medical Group

You will get friendly, personal and caring treatment.

We provide integrated medical care through the integration of traditional and holistic (natural, whole body) medicine. We are a science-based practice, using treatment modalities backed by proven research and demonstration of results.

Our goal is to help our patients achieve optimal health through proven treatment methods that have no damaging effects to the body.

As primary healthcare providers, we can treat most health conditions as well as supervise the treatment of patients we need to refer to our partner specialists.

Our doctors, Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Gina Gonzalez, are both experienced and highly trained doctors of osteopathic medicine, a medical discipline that integrates a whole-body approach into healthcare. We also are proud to include Nurse Practitioner Lisa Merritt on our team, who brings to the practice a wealth of knowledge and experience in primary care medicine and holistic healing.

What is Integrated Medicine?

Integrated medicine combines successful healing methods from conventional medicine and other types of medicines and healing arts. We use methods that are backed by research and results.

Integrated medicine takes into account the whole body, not just symptoms; the patient’s lifestyle and environment; and their mental and spiritual condition.

Through integrated medicine we seek to teach the patient how to be well and not to be dependent on doctors.

We start with treating our patients with natural therapies, including nutrition and supplementation, IV therapy, fitness and hormonal therapy, as well as an array of other natural and holistic methods. We integrate conventional medical protocols as needed.

Results-based treatment

Patient Testimonial - Kelly - IV Therapy“My condition was very poor when I came to Phoenix Medical Group. I had received six surgeries and I was nutritionally depleted and had a body infection. It had also affected my mental and emotional well-being.

“Phoenix Medical Group played an integral part in my recovery process. I don’t know what I would have done without the doctors help. I now have hope for life again.”

– Kelly

Because our practice is based entirely around finding the underlying causes of an adverse health condition, versus trying to suppress symptoms, we can provide real healing and recovery. Much of your treatment is done in the practice when you visit, and in many cases we can see immediate response after your first visit.

We get to the root cause of the patient’s condition

We look for the root cause of your condition and don’t judge your condition by the symptoms only. The symptoms only guide us to what is really going on with your health. Only by finding the root cause do we have a chance of actual healing versus “control” or suppression of symptoms.

Finding the correct diagnosis starts with a detailed interview and examination by Dr. Madej or Dr. Gonzalez. This includes questions designed to find what factors could be contributing to your condition, and a hands-on examination of key areas of the body that provide clues to what is really going on with your health. There are many such indicators that gives us insight into what is causing or aggravating your condition. A simple example is a whitish tongue, which shows an excess of yeast is present.

In most cases we will take blood work, which we analyze ourselves in our lab. This assists in the final diagnosis and serves as a marker for improvement. Depending on your condition, we also conduct other diagnostic tests, such as digital X-rays (which use a fraction of the radiation of traditional X-rays), urine analysis and EKG.

Friendly, aesthetic and comfortable environment

About Phoenix Medical GroupOur practice is set in five acres of countryside not far from the I75 South near McDonough. We converted and fully renovated a beautiful 6000-square-foot house into a practice made to help patients feel relaxed.

You will feel at home in our living room-style resting areas we have throughout the practice. You can relax in one of our reclining chairs, feel cozy wrapped in a heated blanket, and sustain your energy with healthy snacks and beverages. You can also enjoy some quiet moments on our covered porch relaxing in one of our rocking chairs. Some of our IV patients even like to sit out there while getting treatment!

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Personal, kind care

About Phoenix Medical Group

Our Nurse Practitioner, Lisa Merritt, explaining treatment to a patient

You will also find that we treat our patients with kindness and respect. Your treatment is personally and individually handled by our doctors and nurse practitioner and not by some formulaic protocol. We are truly concerned about your well-being and will do our best to put you at ease and help you recover your health.

We listen to our patients!

Having to deal with any kind of illness can be difficult and even upsetting. We understand this, and we always have an open ear. We listen to your concerns, answer all your questions and take the time to explain about your condition and treatment so that you have a full understanding. You will find that our doctors and staff are easy to talk to.

State-of-the-art treatment

About Phoenix Medical Group

We have our own state-of-the-art diagnostics labs on site.

With the advent of advanced technology in the 21st century, there have been improvements in diagnostics and treatment modalities.

We have equipped our practice with the technology that we have found to be of significant help in treatment. This includes two laboratories, cold laser therapy, digital X-rays, IV therapy and thermography for low-impact infrared detection of cancer and plaque in the artery.

Read more about our state-of-the-art treatment.

Our commitment to patient recovery at affordable rates

About Phoenix Medical Group

A tailored fitness program with Dr. Gonzalez is part of many of our patients program, significantly aiding in their recovery.

Our integrated medical approach is provided at the fraction of the cost of the traditional system of medicine.

Our medical and treatment technology is based on the latest scientific research and medical procedures while remaining the most affordable healthcare obtainable anywhere. This is not only because our rates are reasonable, but also because in many cases we can get quick response to treatment as well as minimize future medical problems.

We accept most medical insurance and help you maximize your benefits. We have various incentives for cash-paying (including credit card) patients.

We’ll teach you how to be healthy

About Phoenix Medical GroupWe educate patients on the causes of their illness and the possible ways to treat the cause, as well as ways to alleviate symptoms and suffering.

You will learn how to help your recovery, how to stay healthy and how to achieve optimal wellness.

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